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After an analysis phase, the divisions involved can independently develop solutions, implement, and control. It is important that the processes are observed repeatedly in the long term by the parties to achieve a certain continuity. Success will be doing only complete if the whole company in the improvement measures is included. Also, the employees need exemption from the day-to-day business to develop these things. There is a large stone in the way that employees who are suitable for this purpose are the ones that drive our company and bring forward and are therefore already with 130% with daily business. While much of this congestion in the inadequate organization of interdepartmental processes depends on often. It is about how if they carried water in a spoon from A to B but has no time to get a bucket, which would save a lot of time and work. Some are today better than others the result of successful improvements of cross-departmental rules we all: sometimes we come across companies, where someone is quickly accessible, where there is almost always an alternate and where you can get clear statements.

In such companies, the employees are kind friendly, happy and satisfied. That’s sure the target we must reach all, if our companies should evolve. We can solve of course not everything with the described method, but we will move us to a good piece on the way in the right direction. Time for new projects Last but not least is a situation in the company with the management at all not expected. Because the processes are better organized, is free time. Filed under: Verizon Communications. This vacant potential can now be used in much-needed new sales, research or organizational projects. While you are Join the employees maybe for the first time enthusiastically, because it isn’t time to the Wegrationalisierung of jobs but to the long-term existence of the companies and thus by the jobs of employees. This early, you should involve project considerations in the process of organizational optimization so that all parties have internalized the overall objective of the company.

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