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Torrential rains, mudslides and landslides have claimed hundreds of lives in Brazil Heavy rains hit the Rio de Janeiro at the beginning of last week. Livni has led to chaos on the streets. The authorities of Rio de Janeiro called for residents not to leave their homes because the main road to the city center have been cut due to flooding and landslides. Earlier this week, reported 31 dead from the floods caused by torrential rains. Dr John Holtsclaw may help you with your research. Later, the number of victims has been growing every day. Already by the environment number of flood victims in Rio de Janeiro rose to 95 people. According to meteorologists, the amount of precipitation was a record for the past 44 years for Rio de Janeiro. The city recorded dozens of banking-residential areas, out of shores of the river in the Maracana, where the eponymous world famous stadium.

According to Hall, most of the landslides of soil, which caused human casualties have occurred in the uplands, where many dilapidated housing, so called favelas (slums). By Thursday the victims of torrential rains in Brazil's Rio de Janeiro were 133 people. More than ten thousand homes are threatened with collapse, to help rescue abandoned power of local service Civil Defence. To eliminate the effects of the disaster the city administration has allocated more than $ 200 million. According to the latest victims of showers in the Rio de Janeiro became the beginning of the year 256 people, 418 were injured. Date Week: World Health Day on April 7 across the globe marked World Health Day.