Greece Crisis

The aid package and posture change undertaken by the European Central Bank, are not sufficient to dissipate the context of crisis. Neither the deployment by economies will resolve in individual plans of adjustment problems. The only way that appears how viable is the coordination of policies within the European Union to achieve soon initiate the economic recovery which reencauce the tax issue through an increase in fundraising. The situation in Europe is not simple and there is much more at stake. The European financial system is located in the midst of the crisis and its survival is subject to the fate of the European economies in trouble. As manifested the Argentine Economist Miguel Angel Broda: the stability of the financial system is at risk for Greece.

What was done is give a little time that country to control the stability of the banking system. The situation affecting the European financial system prevents that you can devote their efforts to generate funding to stimulate consumption and private investment, which limits the strength of recovery from the European economy. What seems less is a key element in the dynamics that can follow the crisis since if the European economies have no strength to grow, the fundraising will remain stagnant and high unemployment makes the fiscal adjustment via cost-cutting to transform the social question in a time bomb. At least this context has improved competitive for eurozone prospects, although world trade has not yet recovered the level that was pre crisis. The recovery of the euro lost forces and does not have great prospects to recover against the major currencies. In the market is already anticipated that the structural problems of the eurozone will persist and that is damning for the euro that will keep a gradual negative trend against the rest of the currencies with some limited improvements and temporary. While Governments of economies in trouble have not taken advantage of the euphoria caused by the ads of the plan, the market clearly is now invaded by fears that girl lyrics, creates them as it returns to hard reality.

Shaun Osborne, foreign exchange strategist for TD Securities in Toronto, could not hide his pessimism about the true meaning of the bailout plan: we realize that is another way of delaying the inevitable. It only serves to push forward debt problems. CONTINUE reading – investment opportunity – the euro will continue to fall but there are Wall Street investment alternatives that will grow your wealth this year.