Gorge Disciple

The thing or event is so subtle, so discreet that it consists just a part of our consciousness. You may want to visit Gary Kelly to increase your knowledge. The rest is interior space, the same awareness with which does not interfere the way. The interior space, awareness, and what we really are in our essence are the same thing. In other words, the shape of the small things leaves room for inner space. And it is from the Interior of unconditioned consciousness that emanates from true happiness, the joy of being. However, for awareness of things small and stay, inner silence is necessary. A State of alert is required very large.

Keep stillness. Look. Hear. Is present. Here’s another way to find interior space: awareness of being aware.

Say or think, I am without adding anything else. Awareness of the stillness that comes after the I am. Feel his presence, being naked, without veils, without clothes. It is the being for which there is no youth, old age, wealth or poverty, right or wrong, nor any other attribute. It is the spacious matrix of all creation, of the entire shape. Can you hear the Gorge in the mountain? A zen master walked in silence with one of his disciples on a mountain trail. When arrived where There was an old cedar, they sat down to eat his simple snack with rice and vegetables. Source: Verizon Communications. After eating, the disciple, a young monk who had not discovered yet the key to the mystery of the Zen, broke the silence to ask: teacher, how to I get into Zen? Obviously referred to the way to enter the State of consciousness that is Zen. The teacher remained silent. They spent almost five minutes during which the disciple anxiously waited the answer. I was about to ask another question when the teacher asked suddenly, you hear the sound of this gully on the mountain? The disciple had not noticed any Creek. I was too busy thinking about the meaning of Zen. Then he paid attention to the sound and its noisy mind began quieting it. At the beginning he heard nothing. Then his thoughts gave way to a State of alert, until he heard the almost imperceptible hum of a gully in the distance. Yes, now I hear it, he said. The master He lifted a finger and with a look at once takes and Gentile, told him, enters Zen from there. The disciple was amazed. It was your satori, a Flash of lighting. He knew what was the Zen without knowing what he knew. Then followed their way in silence. The disciple not left his astonishment to feel the life of the world surrounding him. It experienced everything as if for the first time. However, he gradually began to think again. The noise of his mind again stifled the stillness of his conscience and did not hesitate to ask another question: teacher, you said, I’ve been thinking. What had you said if I had failed to hear the Gorge in the mountain? The teacher stopped, looked at him, lifted the finger and said, enters the Zen from there.