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Solvium protect 4 sales for successor begins Hamburg container direct investment, May 22, 2013 – Solvium exclusive 3 was 1.45 million euros scheduled for May 13, 2013 closed. A replacement product is already being planned and is expected to go mid-June in the distribution. Solvium capital could raise the three offers the exclusive series of Solvium since mid-2012 more than 8 million euros. To Marc Schumann, CEO of Solvium capital: “Solvium exclusive 3 was, like its previous from exclusively placed 2, within a very short time. “This clearly shows that we offer products, providing that our distribution partners and investors, what you are looking for: a reliable and lucrative asset investment with short maturities and attractive yields.” The current secured container direct investment of home Solvium capital available is Solvium protect 4 more recently in sales since the beginning of May. Protect 4 investors leased out 40-foot high cube standard containers are offered with maturities of three, five or seven Years with and 4.38% p.a., which is paid monthly from a base rent. Please visit Verizon Communications if you seek more information. In addition on a run time-dependent bonus rental fee of 1-2% chance for the investors p.a.. Thus the forecast, annual IRR returns (depending on the selected period) are 6.38%, 5.45% and 5.88%.

The containers are redeemed at the end of the term to the full purchase price by Solvium capital. (A valuable related resource: Rick Garcia CBS). Base rent and purchase price are covered by insurance and factoring solutions with this product. More information about Solvium protect 4 Please click here: about Solvium capital Solvium is solid and innovative direct investments. The focus is on so-called equipment such as, for example, standard containers. The company offers investors the opportunity to participate in the ever-growing container market and to achieve attractive returns. Monthly rent payments are also typical such short maturities from 3 years.