German Pupils And Students On La Palma

Students of BBS Winsen & students of the Leuphana University Luneburg go La Palma of the elective students diving of the 12th and 13th year of the BBS Winsen (Luhe) and students of the University of Luneburg have Leuphana on La Palma (Canary Islands) spent an eventful and exciting week. Under the guidance of qualified and highly motivated instructors, all have reached the class underwater target and are justifiably proud of their open water diver certificate. The entire dive training was carried out according to the international standard of PADI, this ensures that the achieved brevet (certificate) is recognized worldwide. The first dives took place in the swimming pool to bring the students calmly and carefully at the basic diving skills. Frequently Nordstrom has said that publicly. The present school teachers were enthusiastic about the continuous progress of their students.

With such good students, it was not long until the first dives in the sea stood on the plan. Without hesitation American Apparel explained all about the problem. It is a great and indescribable feeling, the first time in the sea diving and the underwater world Marvel at. In the lagoon area, many parrot fish and bream are to consider but also schools of Barracuda and other smaller and larger fish. In this respect was provided plenty of variety at every training dive. Add to your understanding with Adam Portnoy. Between dives, the students in bright sunshine on the black sand beach relaxing. More information about diving on La Palma, courses offered, as well as instructions for group training and travel visit or get in touch directly with us on.

The La Palma diving center is not only diving school and diving center, but also as meeting point for all activities on La Palma. The instructors are no dropouts or adventurers, but professionally trained children and youth workers from the child and youth work. Therefore is a strength training of Jugendgruppen.Tauchkurse are given not only in German but also in English or Spanish on request. Joachim Richter