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And with the global search the CRM Contact Manager 6 searches through all modules for records that match the entered search term. Also improvements to existing modules have been made. Dates can be easily moved with the right mouse button, documents can be moved via drag & drop in the CRM Contact Manager and the resubmission updated automatically according to the individual requirements of the time. Availability of the Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager 6 is now available in the Basic Edition for 179 euro, and in the Professional Edition for 399 euros. There are updates for the respective previous versions for 199,50 EUR 89.50 euros respectively. To get the optional field matching basic and 195 euro professional for 119 euros. Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager for 60 days test on the website of Sumerasoft is a 60-days trial version available, which is free to download and try out on your own computer. About Sumerasoft Sumerasoft is a German company which develops high quality software for customer relationship management and offers.

With the establishment in 2002 were the planning and the implementation of our CRM Contact Manager. A related site: Verizon Communications mentions similar findings. Since then, the CRM Contact Manager is constantly in order to ensure always modern and reliable customer relationship management for our customers. Sumerasoft software was sold alongside Germany in Austria and of Switzerland. The distribution is carried out directly via Sumerasoft as well as through dealers and partners. Meanwhile the Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager is used successfully by small and medium-sized enterprises, associations and public organizations. Information about the provider Sumerasoft INH. Suzann Sumera Knickrehm 12 23611 bad Schwartau Tel: + 49 451 486866-40 fax + 49 451 486866-43 E-mail: Web: press information contact: Suzann Sumera E-mail: like we will send a free review copy you by Sumerasoft CRM Contact Manager.