General Director

01. In 2006 there were More than 10 organizations, this address gets blacklisted, so-called database addresses mass registration. Banks are advised not to open accounts to those organizations who have had a massive address. Applicants denominations, registering firm on the massive addresses are being invited on preventive police interviews. The problem of secure addresses and receive mail from the tax immediately became very important. A good address for 11 months, with the postal service has risen in price in Moscow from 7600 RUR. up to 18,200 rubles.

in other regions is not as noticeable, but also addresses the cost rose. Some banks have been quietly open an account even for the mass at, if there was literate contract to address the location with the provision of postal and secretarial services. In late 2006, the cases of verification of owners, providing an address for the registration of new jur. officials, employees Territorial Tax Service in conjunction with the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After that, the number of providers, address, greatly diminished. By the summer of 2007, the situation with the addresses for the registration of legal entities as follows.

NRF itself has been active to identify firms ephemera at the initial stage of registration, working with database addresses mass registration and the mass of Directors. The cases when the registration of the newly created organization, the inspector requires a letter of guarantee of the owner or a certificate from the BTI that the structure exists. In addition, the already established organizations are actively checked against the registration address location also General Director of the organization.