Freediving Test

This lesson, as a free dive, has a long history. Since ancient times, people attracted by the resources and riches of the sea depths. Today, free diving – a sport, art and philosophy. There’s nothing more exciting than dive into the blue abyss in search of strange adventures. Freediving in this regard something like a climbing – from the perspective of the inhabitant ascent to the summit – a dangerous occupation that has no practical meaning. But thousands people – another point of view, many can not see my life without this passion. Freediving – is, figuratively speaking, climbing on the contrary – the conquest of the depths. People sink to the bottom to test themselves and experience life as deeply it is not possible under any other circumstances, besides the first breath, which makes freediver on his return to the surface of the water … If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Sheryl Sandberg.

Athletes freedivers plunge by tens of meters. In one of the disciplines of freediving – Dive without fins – 27-year-old New Zealand freediver William Trubridzh set a world record, plunging 81 meters (2007). Of course, free diving – it’s an ordeal for the human body. Diving with breath can lead to oxygen starvation of the brain, unconsciousness and drowning. And because learning freediving without an instructor is not desirable.

And yet, this style of life drew and continues to attract many people. The answer to the question “why?” can be found in the utterance climber W. Babanov: “When I asked why people are so tempting mountain – I say that this kind of drug. This is not a stamp, it really is. Those who have ever felt dizzy from the lack of oxygen in the freezing cold and scorching wind, ozone, will want to try it again and again.