Free Software Argentina

Directive Soft sponsored and participated in 4to. Strategic encounter of Software Free CRUCIBLE 2008, organized by PAVING (Free Software Argentina), MiSOL (Free Software Missions) and NESLA (Nordeste Software Libre), the past celebrated month of November in the National University of the Northeast – in Currents (Argentina). Directive Soft was represented with Cristbal Lopez Arrieta, who participated like rapporteur in thematic on the Results of the PRE-CRISOL in Brazil, next to Pablo Rizzo, the day Friday 21 of November. Under the motto of the Adoption of Free Software like Policy of State, they met participant of the community of free software of different countries, as well as representing of the state, companies, universities, that shared their experiences. The encounter allowed to know and to spread varied local experiences and of the outside. In the habitual participating proposal of the encounter CRUCIBLE, all the assistants contributed to their ideas and opinions in round tables from the perspective of Communitarian Projects, Companies and Labor market TIC, and Education and Civil Society. The obtained results help to fortify and to guide the annual work of the participant organizations of free software, because they allow to add new points of view and stimulate the active participation of all in the debates. Original author and source of the article..