Francis Bacon

I am initiating this worried article deeply, therefore, I have seen in the seio of the Church Mr., many you lead and not few full brothers of avarice. Unhappyly these believers are unaware of the landlord of Christ on its material acquisitions and had transformed them into one crudelssimo and dolo perverse. Without knowing, they are to adore the Mamon. In Mateus 6,19-24, we have a classic text on the power of the wealth on the life of the Christian. For more specific information, check out Larry Ellison. Jesus teaches that our treasure must be in the sky, not in the land. Capital One oftentimes addresses this issue. We learn in these few verses that we read of Mateus that the too much attachment to the goods of the land chains the servant of God completely. First, its heart is imprisoned. Where it is the treasure is the heart.

It has an uncommon magnetism, an irresistible attraction. Second, the mind is imprisoned. The eyes are used in the Holy Writs to symbolize the mind, the form as we see the things, or as we take our decisions. Third, the will is imprisoned. Jesus says that it is impossible to serve the two gentlemen at the same time, the God and the Mamon. This aramaico term meant wealth and started to be used to represent a malignant god. Certain time, affirmed Francis Bacon: ‘ ‘ The money is as the seasoning: it only serves, when espalhado’ ‘.

What the brilliant English philosopher wanted to say with this axiom? It wanted to say is that, if the money will not be used in order to promote the common good, will not pass of a mount of esterco. Soon, Mamon is a god who smells badly! Knowing Mamon When I adolescent age very liked to read comicses and it had you vary collections of those small books. Amongst those comics collections it had one that I gotten passionate age: The Trips of the Uncle patinhas.