Foreign Travel Health Insurance

Well secured in the holiday also regularly the vacation plans of Germans start if the summer is coming, start. But whatever a sufficient travel protection should be considered in addition to determining the right resort and arrival. As a principle: A foreign travel health insurance should each complete, traveling on vacation or business abroad. Although certain costs for medical treatment are adopted usually also abroad by doctors by the statutory health insurance, but there are various performance gaps. And if there is no sufficient insurance cover according to a foreign travel health insurance, that then treatment costs nor an expensive return transport of the cash is applied to remaining seated at the expense of the danger and holiday. The foreign travel health insurance not only for patients but also for privately insured is recommended. While private health insurance also usually abroad provide extensive protection for the medical treatment and medication. However, only very few companies take over the reimbursement of costs for a medically necessary return transport about a rescue flight on the ambulance plane.

The foreign travel health insurance provides coverage for trips abroad up to eight weeks. Other variations are possible depending on the contract. About a year protection letter travel can this protection be once completed via the Internet and is valid for the whole year. The annual subscription begins – depending on the age – 6.00 euro per person. On request, also a luggage insurance can be completed. Luggage is often damaged or even completely missing it. The financial value can be secured over the travel baggage insurance.