Florian Fritsch CEO

Interview with Florian Fritsch, CEO of the FG.de group of companies, to the sponsorship of the SSV Jahn Regensburg Regensburg, in August 2012: is the FG.de group of companies engaged in diversified level energy-friendly topics. This range by acquiring renewable energy project developments in the area of electric mobility to the geothermal power plant construction. The FG.de group of companies also sponsor is involved in addition to work and developments in the field of Green Energy. In the following interview, Managing Director Florian Fritsch told Regensburg by the exciting partnership with soccer promoted SSV Jahn. FG.de is sponsoring the SSV Regensburg now for April 2011 Mr Florian Fritsch, how it came about and what you personally sponsoring the SSV Jahn Regensburg? Florian Fritsch: The FG.de group of companies was founded in Regensburg. Sponsorship is also such a thing as an affair of the heart for us. In addition I am a big football fan, got himself kicked, and the career of the SSV Jahn Regensburg with track for years. It’s nice that I can do something not only as part of the company, but also as an individual Florian Fritsch with the sponsored Club.

All the more I am that the SSV now plays in the second Bundesliga and that our sponsorship agreement was extended for another year. Although we have left the place on the Jersey after the rise of a new sponsor, but as which we remain still loyal to the Club. The rise was so very surprising. When all joy that brought a few problems with it. How have you witnessed the rise, Mr.

Fritsch? Florian Fritsch: Of course I was delighted, as I said. All FG.de were proud and congratulated. The situation was also difficult, finally had to sought not only a new coaching staff, but also new players because the contracts of many master players ran out.