First Aid For Frostbite

Frostbitten area of skin becomes white and loses sensitivity. On this site you must first restore circulation. To this end Take a patient in a warm room, rub frostbitten body part fleece, moistened with camphor or boric alcohol, vodka or cologne. If this is not possible, thoroughly mash chilblain hand, a clean handkerchief, but no snow and no glove: the snow can easily damage the skin and Gloves may be dirty. Frostbitten toes and hands to rub in the direction of the torso, and then dipped in lukewarm water. Slowly pouring warm water, bring water temperature up to +37, +38 C. After the bath massage the frostbitten parts of a piece of cotton wool with a soft towel or hand, smear some grease, apply a sterile bandage and the patient drink tea or coffee. All these procedures are only effective if done them immediately.

If the time wasted and there was redness, blisters, massage and a warm bath can not. In this case, the damaged area to bandage and immediately call a doctor. Sometimes parents, sending a child to walk on a frosty day, smeared his cheeks and nose with Vaseline. This can not be as Vaseline contains much moisture and can cause frostbite. Vaseline should be used instead of natural fats – goose, pork, or even better – buy a special protective cream.