Financial Football

Financial Football is a free football game that lets you learn personal finances while having fun playing football.Financial Football is a dynamic interplay of multiple choice that tests the knowledge and financial management skills of the players as they go on court and try to get a goal. Financial Football is not just a football game dynamic, but also a learning tool. The game has several learning modules, each module is structured to function as a complete tool ready to study integrated into the curriculum of your school. In preparation before the game, students of all ages can learn concepts about saving, spending, budget and the best use of credit. Each module contains: Synopsis: Each module begins with an overview of the concepts taught.This short synopsis will give the teacher and students a quick overview of the material to follow. Goals and Objectives: The goals and objectives describe briefly the expected learning outcomes of each module. Study Notes: The papers are the primary material by which they will learn the concepts of modules. Educators may use and / or adapt the notes to his teaching style. Discussion: In this section, students and educators will practice applying the concepts learned through discussions of concrete examples. Activities: The activities section can be used as a group exercise or an assessment of student learning.In this section, students will answer various questions to test your knowledge on the concepts learned. The game of Financial Football site is presented by the Finance Practice of Visa which is a site that helps consumers make more informed and beneficial decisions for themselves and their families, besides giving advice to the administration of economic resources personally . Link: Click to play financial football – soccer game to learn about finances