Financial Balance

The Financial Balance does not depend dequanto earns, but of as we spend what we earn. Throughout my professional life, either as assessorfinanceiro of organizations or as coach financial, many people have-mesolicitado of these ' ' dicas' ' to reach the financial health. Generally, before saying concerning these ' ' dicas' ' I make umapergunta: What you understand as financial health? There the answers variamsegundo answers who them, but almost all they contain words such as: dreams, security, to pay the accounts, to save, to help, not to worry me for; to buy, among others. More than what to speak concerning a SADEFINANCEIRA definition, I would like to speak concerning what the financial point of view is necessary to be saudveldesde: 1) To know how much it earns; 2) To know how much it spends; 3) To know how much it must (will have debts); 4) The formula: Liquid profits (Saving + Expenses + Parcel of debts + Credit card) > 0 Then, we are front to a person with health financeiraquando the difference between its liquid profits and the composed total for valordestinado to the saving more the destined values to pay to its expenses more destined osvalores to cancel the parcels of financings (debts) ovalor to be paid for the invoice of the credit card is positive. Without hesitation Learn more explained all about the problem. That is, after deduzirtodos these values of the liquid profits, still surplus money. This must happen every month? Certain month could happen quenum the formula is negative, but this negative value must sercoberto with part of the balance of the saving (kept money short-term). Now that we have an idea concerning what is necessary for tersade financial, we go to speak concerning some tips: – Umregistro brought up to date of ALL Keeps its prescriptions and expenditures. – It saves, comomnimo, one 10% of the liquid profits. – The month Designs its expenditures month (not if &#039 forgets them months it; ' Ip' ' – IPVA, IPTU – and of the annual adjustment of the IRPF).