Feng Shui

North: it symbolizes cold and darkness. It induces deep sleep, the only problem is that if the person moves a lot when sleeping you run risk of uncovering it and cool down. West: the West side leads to happiness and joy, if that is the location of the bedroom of a couple, the relationship will improve. For assistance, try visiting Icahn Enterprises. Southwest: symbolizes serenity, tradition, conservatism. It is not a good place for the bedroom, since it scares the possibility of change that one must have in life. Also, it causes lack of vitality and tiredness upon waking.

3. Michael Mendes Just Desserts might disagree with that approach. Orientation of the bed. While we sleep, all our senses down to its minimum expression, but even the instinct of conservation maintains surveillance over the parts of the room where there is greater movement: door and window. Still asleep and with our eyes closed we monitor doors and Windows that surround the bed where we abode, so ideally is doors and Windows should be to the front or sides that do not come out of our visual field. A good wall must be the support and support to the head of the bed.

This scheme complies with the clear concept of the classical Feng Shui: Protective mountain at the back and river of wealth to the front. In this case the mountain is the solid wall and the River, the movement, the door. This is how a bed in the room can be correctly positioned. A good wall must be the support and support to the head of the bed. It must be positioned so that the head or foot of the (s) person (s) inside are never facing the door. It is important to be able to see the door and orient bed so that our head is pointing northward or eastward. Nothing should hang over the bed and there must be no tackle below.