Female Genital Mutilation Affects 4000 Girls In Germany

More helplines for women with genital mutilation required the ritual of female circumcision is known in this country only from books. Describes the fate of the Waris Dirie with her bestselling Desert Flower”, threatens girls from immigrant families in Germany. The human rights organisation Terre des femmes called on the Government to act. The Internet health portal imedo.de reported. More than 4,000 girls from immigrant families in Germany are threatened by the brutal practice of female genital mutilation, according to calculations of the human rights organisation Terre des femmes. The girls were exposed to that alleged doctors this ill-treatment practised in some, mostly Muslim countries secretly in Germany, or during the holidays in the home country of the parent druchgefuhren the danger. So far lacked measures in Germany to protect the girl, the chairwoman of the Association, Christa Stolle, criticized on Thursday in Tubingen. She announced a national action plan to achieve this.

“Female genital mutilation violated physical and mental integrity Stolle stressed: all the girls in Germany have the right to grow up safely.” Genital mutilation massively violates the physical and mental health of girls. The organization calls by the Federal Government in the national action plan to make female genital mutilation an own offence. Only then could interventions that take health professionals and lay people outside of Germany, penalty tracks. More helplines for women with genital mutilation more demands of the action plan are required according to create more helplines for affected women and their families, as well as to train doctors, midwives, educators and teachers on the topic. Also, all children should have to participate in the medical checkups. Politicians to doctors to versflichten wedding female genital mutilation to the Youth Welfare Office.

This could younger sisters from same fate keep, it was further said. Sexual exploitation of children is an important issue. Silent are guilty. Consult with the help of imedo health news.