FARAD Insurance

“Best-of-wealth management is a ‘ private insurance solution’ with the best asset managers in the German-speaking area of monetary assets, apply flexible on the capital market and still tax-protected” be. This concern employs more and more especially after the introduction of the flat tax on the majority of investors. The financial sector has responded and offered as solution-based capital forming life insurance increased investment funds. The innovative Luxembourg insurance broker FARAD international goes with his concept best-of-wealth management”new ways. Background while capital gains from conventional portfolio investment, mostly in the form of interest, dividends, gains since 1.1.2009 regularly subject to withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if any church tax), are income incurred under a funded life insurance, either only when actual inflow through termination or after the due date of the final withholding tax (plus solidarity surcharge, if applicable)Collects Church taxes). During the contract period, no withholding tax is done so.

In middle-age payment, i.e. under the conditions of a minimum contract period of 12 years and the payment of insurance benefit after the age of 60 beyond just half of the difference between benefits and contributions in the amount of the personal tax rate when the policyholder is taxed. Thus, half of the income remains tax-free. And paid the insurance, so in death insurance benefits including all income achieved over the period of insurance the insured person (s), is einkommensteuerfrei. “Flexibility and diversification brings the highest return for investors of particular importance are the criteria for a tax-compliant standard” asset management. Such exists if a LV-based investment limited exclusively on publicly distributed shares in investment funds or internal insurance funds, which the characteristics publicly-available funds are reflected. The protective umbrella of the life insurance but then leave the investor in the rain when he brings an existing investment account as insurance premium, may issue instructions to an asset manager appointed by the insurance or even the asset manager has been charged by the investor (policyholder) or the insured may obtain a change of the asset manager.