Extended Family

The family as all entity is subjects to the changes, therefore this if finds linked with the history of the humanity. The family always moved and will continue modifying. It is a changeable, dynamic organization, that is, she folloies to the changes of the society. The social, cultural and economic transformations, modify the familiar structures and create new forms and modalities. … if does not initiate any locution regarding family if not to remember, a priori, that it is a historical, ancestral entity as history, linked with the routes and shunting lines of history same it, changeable in the accurate measure where they change the structures and the proper architecture of history through the times.

It is known at last, that the family is, so to speak, history, and that the history of the family if confuses with the history of the proper humanity. (HIRONAKA, 2000, p.7 apud MILANO, 2008, P. 63). Being the family subject institution the alterations as it was said, we will analyze such transformations having as focus the paper of the grandmothers inside of this nucleus. The family already is not more the same one, that one shown in the films, novels and idealized for many, composed for father, mother and children she has been reconfigured; the causes of these new compositions are diverse, amongst which, it fits to detach: the conjugal separations, that is, new monoparentabilidade and the familiar resetting marriage separate.

From such occured modifications in this nucleus the grandmothers have gained new responsibilities. Its papers are expanded being part of what we call of new familiar arrangements. The grandmothers figures many times forgotten in the familiar seio for are situated in the space of ' ' no-ser' ' , therefore already they had left to produce has come back I carry out to it in the family. Now already not more as good-natured, permissive and the joking ones; they emerge now having to impose limits and rules to its grandsons.