Executive Board

Increasing demands on the IT infrastructure with permanent network monitoring meet Nuremberg, October 20, 2010 to smooth to secure work processes, depend on companies from a fully functional infrastructure. The General growth in the IT market and technological innovations such as virtualization make it difficult for IT administrators increasingly more, to keep track of your complex network and in a timely manner to respond to errors. Suitable to meet these demands, a continuous network monitoring is gaining more and more. The new cluster function in PRTG network monitor 8 allows a fail-safe monitoring for up to 5 cluster nodes continuously keep the environment in mind. According to forecasts of the market research company IDC, the growth of the entire IT market will accelerate steadily until 2014. At this time, the market will reach a volume of over EUR 69.3 billion. At the same time increases the complexity of corporate networks. Many companies are also from cost and optimization reasons more and more on their server virtualization.

Associated security risks intensify, as evidenced by a recent Gartner study: the analysts assume that 60 percent of virtual servers are at least up to the year 2012 unsafe as a physical computer. Michael Antonov has many thoughts on the issue. These are just a few examples which show that the growing demands of today’s IT systems and their administrators increases the risk of network congestion and non. One way to minimize these network issues is an ongoing monitoring in detail and uninterrupted collects network data as well as understandable prepare trend analyses for the administrator and the Executive Board. Round to you availability, an essential objective for the administrator should be the 100% availability of its network monitoring. Paessler is here with the new cluster function in PRTG. With their help the operating time is no longer connection errors, a failure of Internet access to the PRTG server or faulty hardware and Affected software upgrades.