Evolution Ended Intranet Crisis

New social business platform provoke employees to cooperate the intranet is dead, long live the intranet! After it is now often degenerated to the pure drop brings the Freiburg software producer United planet the internal corporate network now back to life: the new social business platform Intrexx share provoked the staff to work together and puts an end to time-guzzling meetings and annoying internal emails. With Intrexx share goes a step further than other solutions, because it makes even software programs able. Freiburg, the 25 April 2013. The good old intranet is in crisis: rather than to provide information clearly, it now often serves as storage for anything and everything. The original benefits such as processing speed, transparency or brainstorming, and the resulting increase in the competitiveness of it remained on the track. The software company United planet now offers companies the solution to this dilemma it is called Intrexx share and repeals the internal cooperation is a completely new level. Intrexx share is a social business platform that utilizes the principle of success from Facebook and co. businesses.

Direct news feeds completely replace the cumbersome internal communication by E-Mail and reduce the need for time-consuming meetings. No matter, whether information, documents, all pictures or videos quickly and transparently via feed is transmitted and can colleagues commented, tracked and will be distributed. Because Intrexx share is also available, not only the employees in the Office, but also the colleagues are bound in the Home Office and out-of-Office. This is a decisive advantage which Intrexx share provides virtual work spaces in which they can be exchanged without delay about current project stands and jointly develop new ideas regardless of location and time of day just for project groups. In contrast of to many other social business exchange is solutions, which often come from the United States, because the data on the protected completely safe Corporate server, and not in the cloud.