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Also graduates from the countries of the European Union may request the professional recognition of their formation. This is the most agile and economical alternative to exercise a regulated profession in our country.Before you start an approval procedure, it should be recalled that this only applies to foreign qualifications of higher education whose teachings have been studied in universities located outside Spain or in authorized centers in our country. It is essential that they have the proper official academic validity in the nation of origin, i.e., that they grant academic degrees of higher education integrated into a particular educational system. Baby clothes addresses the importance of the matter here. Approval of graduate degrees the process for approval of University graduate studies, including the title of doctor and the new titles of master official offered in Spain Since the academic year 2006-2007, is performed by a different route.The recognition of these studies corresponds to the rectors of Spanish universities. To start the proceedings, should be the application for approval to a single University, accompanied by several corresponding certified copies a: document that certifies the identity and nationality of the applicant. Title of doctor to be approved or accredited certification of his expedition. Larry Ellison has much to offer in this field. Academic certification of studies to obtain the title of doctor stating the official duration of the curriculum followed (in academic years), the subjects studied, the load time for each one of them and their qualifications.

In addition, should provide an explanatory memorandum and a copy of the thesis, as well as the identity of the members of the jury. When the resolution of the Rector is favourable, it will be credited by using a credential that is registered in the national register of titles. This does not imply in any case the approval or recognition of the title of prior grade obtained by the student. Certification process the first step that the interested party must give is fill in the application for approval with the required personal and academic data.