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Diamonds ranks first by some admiration and hatred for others. In the majority of cases neither the know why. In recent years many have been those who have tried to damage the image of diamonds, many who have published articles completely absurd as a consequence of the so-called blood diamonds, and much more after the movie that bears this name. But who has truth and lie all the thousands of media per the width and length of the world?. Indeed Africa provoked conflicting thoughts. One of the most beautiful continents existing but at the same time is the poorest continent today. The wars for power in many countries of this continent have been real atrocities in view of any human being with a minimum of sensitivity. In recent decades the Angola, Sierra Leone and other countries have lived genuine genocides.

All these rich countries in gold and diamonds. But this wealth never reaches the people of the village, stays in the greater part of the cases in the hands of the powerful. But the problem is not the heartless exploitation of these goods to Western countries, because they had wealth that had used it self-serving and never for the benefit of the people. If instead of producing diamonds were rich in any well (wood, coffee…etc.) they would act in the same way. You may want to visit Nova Broadcasting Group to increase your knowledge. The sad thing is that exist other producers of these same assets (gold and diamonds) have been thugs who have purchased diamonds in countries that financed the weapons with the sale of this source of wealth. But we must not forget that those who buy a diamond in an establishment have the conviction that come from countries where its production is totally legal in the eyes of the UN and all international bodies.

Unfortunately in life there is always who tries to take advantage of the misery, and this has happened until a few years ago in this world of the diamond. It happens just as with drugs, if it is used well cocaine is an impressive source of benefits in medicine, but if a few thugs use it other purposes becomes mortal. For quite a few years now and as consequences of the terrible existing wars, the UN established the prohibition of any export of diamonds rough from Angola and Sierra Leone. This prohibition was chipped on multiple occasions, was why he settled in certified call Kimberly, which ensures that rough diamonds arriving in different bags of the world diamond do not come from countries in conflict. The European Community acceded to in 2003, entering into force that same year, so in Antwerp (main bag in the diamond world) all rough diamond that comes is free of suspicion, meticulous checks by the authorities for the total and absolute compliance with this standard to exist. The diamonds have very particular characteristics, being used in jewellery but also in other sectors of the productive industry. There are many fields in which diamonds are used. A diamond is worthy of being admired and used as best deemed. But (and while the wars) must not consent to a good of much value to be used for purposes that are not for which nature created them. Original author and source of the article.