Etosha National Park

A trip through Namibia with its large animal wealth, great colors and the immensity. Some of you knew already in Namibia, others are already planning a trip or have already with the idea to undertake a journey through one of the countries in the southern or Eastern Africa played. Since the flight times from Europe to Africa but very long are between 10 and 12 hours you must plan, worth a trip after about 2 weeks. This time should and must one take, so that you can see something also of the visited countries, and must rush not only from one to the next high point of the trip or Safari. Currently Namibia offers so many places with sights that are worth to start, since travel time in the nu are over 2 to 3 weeks.

The aircraft are mostly from Frankfurt and Munich to Windhoek, capital of Namibia. There, start and end most of the round and group tours. Namibia is suitable not only for guided group tours, as a small group, you can also easily rent a vehicle and explore the country on their own. Should be here but the country know something, or to obtain information in advance. From Windhoek is then usually with a four-wheel drive vehicle to Swakopmund, a town in northwestern Namibia 34 500 inhabitants. It is located directly on the Atlantic Ocean in the Namib desert. Although only 10% of the inhabitants of Swakopmund of German descent, the impact on city life is no mistaking.

Many residents of Windhoek in the summer before the big heat escape to Swakopmund. You can see this in the rain construction activity which continues to the North the city grow. A further attraction of Namibia is located in the Sossusvlei. Here you will find the highest dunes in the world. In the language of the NAMA is Sossus”Blind River. The Tsauchab River disappears usually into nothingness, therefore also blind. Only during major rains it carries water and sets the vlei”, a beige salt clay pan, under water. Further, it enters the Etosha National Park. It is located in the North of Namibia and includes 22 275 km. The eastern part of the Park is freely accessible for tourists. The western portion, however, may enter only in the company of special guidebooks and be navigated. This is one of the reasons why is worth a guided group tours through Namibia. National Park is on the way back from the Etosha to Windhoek still the Waterberg plateau on the plan. The Waterberg biosphere is a big approx. 48 km from Windhoek. Many providers of guided group tours through Namibia offered variant as camping or lodge. Depending on the desired comfort you must be with himself here variant between the more expensive Lodgevariante and cheaper camping safely decide a bigger adventure factor.