Equipment Vision

One of the essential responsibilities of the leaders is to align to the work party to manage to reach the vision and the goals of the organization and to obtain the awaited results. When there is alignment of the equipment the people work motivated, in addition the people do not feel that they are resigning to his interests and personal projects in favor of the vision and the objectives of the equipment and the aims of the organization, but the shared vision and jeopardizes is transformed into an prolongation of its personal visions, in which these last ones grow and they fortify themselves in the measurement that the vision of the organization is crystallized. The people discover as their personal visions summon up life in the vision of the organization, because they feel that they walk in the same direction. The alignment is a necessary condition so that the energy of the person not to disper or waste, but is canalized with approach and in productive form. When a work party is aligned: The majority of the people rows in the same direction. There is true synergy and they maximize the competitions of people. A nucleus of people meets that is committed to reach and to obtain the vision and to implement the strategies. Its equipment includes/understands towards where you as leader you want to go and they also want to accompany to him.

They are appropriated and they take responsibility of the vision. A common direction arises and the energies are harmonized. There is a coordinated action. There is dialogue and cooperation. But the alignment is not automatic, is necessary to cause it intentionally, for it the leader requires: To contact with its followers? To learn to listen its followers What information needs to share the leader with its followers? It shares his dreams and yearnings for the future the idea it is to communicate to gain allies.