Energy Union

Tangible climate protection by a European tour Energy Union is a pan-European campaign tour with the aim to inspire young people and political decision makers in Europe for climate protection. Especially the solution potential that lies in renewable energy and energiebewusstem behavior – intelligent energy – is conveyed playfully. Educate yourself with thoughts from Hewlett-Packard . The energy Union tour is running over a period of two years. The 2009 kick-off event held on 18 July in the framework of the Streetlife Festival at the Munich Odeon square. The first press conference held on July 2nd, 2009 in Munich. The closing event of the first year of the tour on September 25, 2009 will be held within the event series \”The Alliance\” by and with Modeselektor in Berlin. Energy Union wants young people long term for the theme of intelligent energy\”sensitize and relies on highly innovative artistic elements, instead of sympathy messages.

Animated on unconventional and positive way, to get active with the help of a language the campaign to the people all over the world understand: the language of music and images. The London Band Coldcut designed specially for this purpose an audiovisual live show. Also allows the interactive art installation Brightonart\”visitors are becoming the creators of audiovisual works. Panel discussions give their political dimension to the tour. Written environmental policies be taken into account when organizing the events specifically for energy Union. Worn and presents Energy Union is by a pan-European organisers network that operates under the auspices of the Graz-based and responsible for co-ordinating the tour elevate Festival.

Energy Union on a total of 24 shows in twelve European countries will be during 2009/10 tour to experience. Coldcut, consisting of Matt Black and Jonathan Moore, are the protagonists of audiovisual works. The inventor of the \”techno-House\” helped the art form of \”Remix\” to new importance. At the latest since the hit timber\”, which they produced in 1998 together with Hexstatic, audiovisual music beyond borders has been Britain’s known.