Emotional Manifestations

At a time of intense competitiveness, as much between organizations how much between professionals, many research on the subject estresse of it occupational has been carried through. This fact must probably to the negative impact estresse of it occupational in the health and well-being of used e, consequently, in the functioning and the effectiveness of the organizations. In the economy, the negative impact of this 0 variable has been esteem on the basis of the assumption and in the findings of that diligent estressados they diminish its performance and they increase the costs of the organizations with health problems, with the increase of the absenteeism, the rotation and the number of accidents in the workstation (Jex, 1998). It is very probable that the patologias associates to the activity of work present a bigger index of incidence in developing countries as ours, still more when in we give account to them of that programs of handling of estresse occupational (recognized for promoting the security and health of the worker, keeping the levels of organizacional productivity and to reduce costs with health insurances and indemnities to be able it public) rare are offered by the organizations for its employees. (Hurrel & Murphy, 1996; Ivancevich & cols., 1990).

We could never speak of estresse more occupational and its probable ambient changeable influenciadoras without mentioning the Syndrome of Burnout. In accordance with Oliveira1, the term of English origin burnout assigns ' ' something that left to function for exhaustion of energia' '. The concept of Burnout appeared in the United States in middle of years 70, to give to explanation to the process of deterioration in the cares and professional attention in the workers of organizations. In accordance with Salomo Kahwage Grandson (author of the article ' ' Syndrome of the Profissional&#039 Consuming; ' of the day 1 of January of the 2005 of the Atualidades Notebook of the Periodical Liberal one), some symptoms are common of the Syndrome: – Emotional Manifestations: lack of personal accomplishment, trends to evaluate the proper work of negative form, feelings of emptiness, exhaustion, failure, impotence and low auto-esteem.