Email Marketing

What so important is placing a double opt-in to our form of capture? I’ve spoken with many people on this topic, you could even say that it is a good point to discuss, but it is necessary to have a double opt-in? First define what is a double opt-in, could say that it is the double confirmation of subscription to our newsletters or list of contacts, in this way we will know that the person has enrolled voluntarily. The question is whether this double confirmation is necessary or not. From my point of view it is a resounding Yes, and I’ll explain why in my response. When we do not have the option to double opt-in is like importing a mailing list that we can draw strings that send to us or that we obtain using some software that captures emails. What I mean by that, because quite simply that we have a large number of contacts, but nothing us serve if it is that they are not qualified for our business. By placing a very common phrase that falls to hair to this situation is we want quality not quantity.

If we have only 100 contacts that are highly qualified and are always aware of what we do, buy what you offer is worth more than if we have 100,000 contacts that do not even open emails that we send. So if you ask my advice, I think Yes you should put a double opt-in, this way you ensure that people who register to your list are totally sure that they want to follow you and knowing what you share. But final .to who takes the decision to place a double opt-in is you, for you perhaps not so necessary to place it and it would be very nice.