Economic Activity Afhd Enterprises

Financial and economic activities of the enterprise may be analyzed as a whole, as well as its individual functions and directions. To analyze the financial and economic activities necessary to carry out a large number of actions for the collection, compilation, registration and transfer documentation, identify and analyze patterns and trends, identification of prospects. The basis of the analysis is the monitoring that is ongoing, systematic monitoring of changes in state enterprises and an analysis of cause-effect relationships. In addition, monitoring helps to diagnose trends and patterns. The main activities businesses that can be analyzed include industrial activities, it is made by a certain technology, production cycles, technical specifications, commercial activities, it is different operations (trading, brokerage) sales and purchases of goods, products and services, investment, allocation of funds in a variety of assets, revenue-enhancing and cost businesses, social activities, meeting different needs in the socio-cultural aspect of the company's employees and their family members, full and harmonious development of employees; Financial activities aimed to ensure smooth business activities of financial resources; innovation in introducing new products, services, products, projects, increase production potential of the company, environmental activities on environmental protection, rational use of mineral resources, water and air, land, mineral resources, the use of environmentally sound technologies. Direct object of the analysis of financial and economic activities are the various manufacturing operations, technology, engineering and manufacturing facilities, production facilities, organizational structure, line and functional management structure. Objects of analysis of financial and economic activities of enterprises are sectoral and regional specificities, which must be considered in the analysis. The objects of analysis and diagnosis of the financial and economic activities include: human resources, it is measured by the presence of certain categories of labor resources and their professional capabilities, technical capabilities, it is understood by the general collection of different types of equipment, technologies and technical capabilities, efficiency technology; production potential, it combines various production capabilities of the enterprise for the production and sale of products, services, financial capacity, includes financial support for businesses using own, borrowed and borrowed funds, various types of business, their technical, material and financial support, and status.