Earth Web

Until the advent of the internet and the proliferation of online maps and mainly those of google, the use of coordinates or knowledge of length and latitude of a geographical point or place on Earth was only thing of professionals devoted to topics related to geography and education. The use of GPS in cars and travel planning also need knowledge of these coordinates. As indicated, currently the use of coordinates is widely used in the programming of web sites where you want to set a point determined as well could be the registered office of a business, the premises of different establishments or branches. Of equal form in multiple web Classifieds and mainly listings of cars, flats and premises used google maps with indication of the address or location of the particular point using coordinates of longitude and latitude for better information and the user’s location. This much-needed information for any programming of web sites such as those who have a blog or want to identify your home, workplace, points of interest or any path that you want to highlight is easy to obtain in special places like this to obtain a geographical point coordinates. Just enter in the box search the name of the locality or selected population, and continuing with the pointer of the mouse over the map of google, we can see how they changing the coordinates and leaving fixed just right-click on the site that we are looking for, we will have the exact coordinates. Now just copy them and you’re done.