During that spring, the window open, eyes swollen by the pain of the context of everything that is set. Lie in that destination speak of fear nothing passes anything look forward the true sign not is sent; all modes spring arrived and in that environment is claimed the virtue and truth, something demonstrable to wide awake eyes. Only smoke lets us see the truth. With the mind changes our mood States. Only the commendable snarling of all can with bare hands look in the Sun and my reflection hope that everything began overflowing of divine intuition, man fails to see not an end to itself.The end to us to guidance from past generations that have given their lives for the present.

Nobody ever remembered their faces their furtive and transient lives full of passion, abandoned their offspring to the truth of existence with the sole reason of perpetuating this. Few tears spilled many lives vanished, much fear how much infected fear, by Lords despots imbalances of reason. Few passions discovered on land dry and beyond red poppies planted. do much? I wonder how much? Open to allow perpetue injustice. Men are alike this is the best argument that minds used to create differences. Differences?, you say, only man seeking power over the others, recognition, wealth, while looking it only sees themselves in the a resource to feel more and more. The State envisions these sufficient if beings themselves to acquire no is that reputation and on the other side of the mirror failure, slavery, succumbing to their demands dying on battlefields everyday, anonymous passengers of the strange ship of indecency;Passengers of wills anonimias that challenge each individual making this a corporeal and incoherent mass driven fear tomorrow. For even more analysis, hear from Is MasterClass a ripoff?. Traveller of the stars so call me, exist in my many worlds as stars in the firmament feeling me beloved by them as a gift of eternity, so, that’s me.