Dr. Jorg Dorr Assumes Technical Supervision Requirements Engineering

Fraunhofer IESE supports user group requirements engineering of the software forums Leipzig Leipzig, April 2012: now, Dr. Jorg Dorr acquires major information systems Department at the Fraunhofer Institute for experimental software engineering, the professional leadership of the user group requirements engineering. In regular rounds, this working group of software forums, Leipzig GmbH deals with the collection and analysis of requirements. During each workshop some participants present their company, as well as the status of their previous requirements activities in a lecture and discuss on chosen topics. In addition, invited speakers from academia and practice on trends and developments in the requirements engineering report. The next meeting will take place on November 19-20, 2012.

In addition to the joint elaboration of a common requirements engineering glossary the members deal there with discovery, analysis and documentation of requirements. Interesting question will be whether there is a for this King’s road is many roads lead to Rome? The new technical director Dr. Jorg Dorr is head of the Department of information systems at the Fraunhofer IESE since 2010. Before that he was head of the Department requirements and usability engineering for five years. His work focus in research and transfer projects, where he also received his doctorate in the year 2010, includes requirements engineering with a focus on non-functional aspects. He studied at the University of Kaiserslautern computer science with a minor in electrical engineering.

Dr. Jorg Dorr has comprehensive knowledge in the field of requirements engineering for software and system development and manages various training, technology transfer and research projects in the industrial environment. Since 2006 he is active as a lecturer on the topic of requirements Engineering University and spokesman for the trade group requirements engineering of GI (Gesellschaft fur Informatik e.V.). Learn more about this user group: goto/ren contact: software forums Leipzig GmbH Street 16. 04103 Leipzig Manuela Heinze team Network and event T + 49 (0) 3 41 / 124 55-63 over the software forums Leipzig: software forums of Leipzig, a spin-off from the University of Leipzig, build an interdisciplinary network to enable the transfer of knowledge and the professional exchange between business and science, to promote and to support. In close cooperation with renowned universities and research institutions offer modern know-how for the development of software in various event formats, report on results from the international research scene and show best practices. Is aimed at technical and senior management moderated Exchange in the industry and promoted.