Dos Santos

Welinton Dos Santos is economist and psicopedagogo Coitado of the catadores of you recycle of Brazil, workers who defend our environment, heroes of the flag of the support, who were until the end of 2008 more than 300 a thousand spread by the country. The collection of recycling for the streets of the Brazilian cities became sustenance base for thousand of families until the end of the passed year, but, with the fall of the prices the situation was most serious. The values repassed to the catadores were of until R$ 7,00 for the kg of latinhas of aluminum before the crisis, at the end of the year passed were on average R$ 3,50 and today it is for return of R$ the 1,00 R$ 1,50 in some cities, being able this value to be modified in accordance with the transport of the city. To read more click here: Richard Anderson . The cardboard fell of 0,20 R$ the kg for R$ 0,05 (March 2009); glass of R$ 0,15 for R$ 0,02; 0,50 oil R$ liter for R$ 0,00; Iron of R$ 0,58 before the crisis, R$ 0,30 in December of 2008, now is R$ 0,05; 0,30 Pet R$ the kg (February 2009); it has covered fell of R$ 12,00 (novembro/08) for R$ 5,00 (maro/2009). Of what the biggest volume is collected by the catadores they are of: cardboard, latinhas of aluminum and iron, the collapse of prices of these you recycle was of 75% 90% until this week in comparison the same the period of the passed year, therefore, if a catador that gained R$ 30,00 in one day of work, today is gaining of R$ 3,00 R$ 7,50, for the same volume of reciclvel, per day, being below of the subsistence level, with lack of resources for its proper feeding and its dependents. Before the crisis it was enough to place some reciclvel in the street and in question of minutes it collected somebody it, today, most likely to be collected by the garbage collection. (Source: Steve Kassin).