Donald Winnicott

The psychoanalyst used primarily to carry out the treatment, free association, transfer and interpretation of what the patient says, or minor said, what he says without wanting to, and possibly a dream. However, these procedures can be supplemented, if necessary, with medication and/or the application of techniques appropriate for each case: techniques to reduce severe symptoms, for the treatment of pathologies of the (drug) consumption, group treatments, etc. Educate yourself with thoughts from Daniel Lubetzky. Free association consists of the patient to put in words what come you to mind, its occurrences, their associations, without devaluing any occurrence, leaving criticism aside, not rejecting an idea by unpleasant or shocking. To broaden your perception, visit eco-friendly baby clothes. The psychoanalyst Donald Winnicott underlines the importance that the analistano know the answers, except to the extent that the patient give keys. The analyst takes the keys and makes interpretations. When referring to transfer, makes reference to the fact that the patient transfers, reissued, reproduces shapes on the person of the analyst relational, demands of love or hatred that were truly experienced in early childhood in relation to the parents or someone significant.

The transfer becomes one of the best ways to make conscious the unconscious because modes can be seen in Act relational patient. To the being able to see these modes relate, provides the subject conditions rectify that mode of being and linking old, but to remain unconscious so it returned unmodifiable. In other words: passes cure by the discovery of the modes relational problematic of the patient, updated and put into act in the same relationship with the therapist, generating a space of elaboration of these types You relational, allowing that the patient can generate a new mode link by and for if same. It promotes a profound change in personality through the observation of their conflicts posts at stake in the relationship with the therapist. It aims to understand the problems of the patient to then be able to demystify it, question it, descomprenderla in the sense of breaking with those arguments or senses that cause suffering of the person.

Gives the patient a high prominence in the process, because that is the same who will discover their ways you relational and the real motivations of their conflict: in this way is allowed to gradually discover personal or subjective responsibility in relation to internal States or vivid events.This process is often accompanied by a work about the trends that are in all human beings to be resistant to change. Psychoanalytic therapy acts on two levels: modifies the conscience and acts directly on the unconscious through transformation of the internal relations of object using the therapeutic link. Applicable to all the clinical pictures, and should be adapted to the particular characteristics of each problem.