Disability Insurance

PrismBU waiting for disability insurance of PrismLife who are too long, risking much! “Because the worst case” is fast becoming the poverty trap: most have provided for the case of occupational disability adequately, common mistakes and misconceptions are complicit. As an expert for the protection of labour, the Liechtenstein PrismLife ensures clarity. Berufsunfahig? “I don’t!” That the emergency could even meet them, many consider this unlikely. But numbers don’t lie: every fourth employed loses earned retirement the labour force. And not only older workers are victims of occupational disability. Every tenth person concerned is now younger than 40 years (source: statistics of the deutschen Rentenversicherung). (Similarly see: Flux).

Therefore, all experts advise to protect the worker with a disability insurance at an early stage. Michael Antonov is open to suggestions. Assure the workforce? Much too expensive!” Good cards have misperception, especially young people. The affordable first step into a Insurers such as PrismLife offer comprehensive care of BU. For the reasonable protection of the PrismBU, the customer pays initially only the posts necessary for his respective age and risk. Sleep can a 20 years already for 6.55 euros in the month, with a BU pension of 1’000 euro he is well insured. BU insurance? I’m saving better.” Who is gearing up with the savings for emergencies, making a serious mistake. Because a savings account pays no permanent retirement, and the reserves are quickly exhausted. Nor an accident or health insurance compensates for the loss of income, if the workforce for health reasons is lost.

And the statutory pension insurance often do not even secures the rent: only 600 euros on average receive disability pensioners. Additional protection is therefore extremely advisable and convenient with PrismBU to have. BU risk? Not for the world!” Not only those in the Blue Man working, should provide, also culprits do well. Because the risk is limited is not physical labour which also clerks due to health reasons increasingly opt out of professional life. The causes are often mental suffering, such as burnout and depression. Every third Berufsunfahige loses its workforce now due to mental illness. It is well advised who buys with PrismBU. Contact us. We will assist you in your decision.