Dilma President

Others of this, and above all, I believe, Its Excellency I wanted to mention the necessity to it to fustigate the conscience of that for prevarication or laziness they could be enrolled in the etiology of the setback. Without hesitation Vislink Technologies explained all about the problem. Considering that the President if revealed in the height of the crisis, probably hearing the estertores of who still it agonized under the mud, and in the presence of the Governor of Rio De Janeiro, the coreligionist bi-host of the calamity, is well more easy to understand the vso dramatical of Dilma Rousseff. Now, examined the differences between the Japanese speech and the Brazilian, it would fit to leave in search to examine the difference between the Brazilian speeches or, said in another way, it enters the tragic vision of the NBR and the dramatical vision of the President. It would be just. After all, the state TV affirmed that the President sobrevoou ' ' the region of tragdia' ' , to the step that Its Excellency, when touching the soil, gave notice of a drama. She would be just, without a doubt, but she does not go to be possible at least in this chance. Moan.

It goes there that it is. I come back behind in my decision. Noblesse oblige. I do not believe that the competition of the concepts of tragedy and drama characterizes a simple game of words. I believe, before, that the President used the term ' ' dramtico' ' with full conscience of its meaning, which, by no means, can be overcome as synonymous by tragic. Drama and tragedy, as we saw, are exculpatory slight knowledge between itself.

Where it has tragedy cannot have drama, and vice versa. The tragic man if does not govern, but it is subordinated the unavoidable whims of the destination. Already the dramatical man – thus he defines yourself since Aristotle – is the man of action, citizen politician, gentleman of its responsible will and for its acts. The President with certainty knows of this. Ahead of the displayed one, I recommend to the Gvernador of Rio De Janeiro that puts its beards of gravy. That not embarkment in this papo pierced of tragedy pra here, tragedy pra there; that if it acquires knowledge of its dramatical position of bi-host of the calamity, of its enormous responsibility; that politician does not sleep on the coreligionist parrots; that she perceives, at last, that the Dilma President is of eye in it. Yes, she went forgetting, I have the impression of that manchete of the NBR reached a public says and it presidential reached another one, well lesser.