Dilma President

We are also waiting the new lines of direction of the Dilma President who will go to assume in January. The Mysterious Young Asked: Senator Sarney Mr. By the same author: Phil Vasan. already this in the politics has many years also already was President of the Republic, he made what you for the people? It answered: well! Many things. It is not reply. After that the Sarney called the Marcelo Crivela and it presented. The Mysterious Young also knew Crivela. The Mysterious Young said: Crivela senator Mr.

I eat a religious man have the obligation to make some thing for the people. It said: already I made north-eastern, a social workmanship. The Young said: It stopped but you did not make more nothing. It made the same one asks to all the 81 Senadores.A reply was the same one ah! The Mysterious Young said: Also it is written: You will not try you your God (Dt6,16). The demon carried it a time more, to a very high mount, and he showed to all the kingdoms of the world and its glory to it and said to it: I will give to you to everything this if, prostrando you ahead of me to adore, me. Jesus answered to it: He stops backwards, the Satan, therefore he is written: You will adore you your God and alone it will serve (Dt 6,13). The Mysterious Young congregated all the other Senators and said: Gentlemen Senators the vocs responsibility is very great, remembers you that vocs they are here in this Legislative house, solely for the will of the people who voted in you. It is just not to make nothing for this people, who lives passing necessities, many liveing in barracos, palafitas? This, because never one habitacional politics was implanted in these parents, sees the case of Rio De Janeiro the majority of the population deferred payment in slum quarter, good people, honest right and has many religious ones.