Never again thought about diagnoses and others who arrived after only I thought them only to give you some solution. Nobody is immortal, it is normal to die and what is beyond our grasp is birth, that does not choose it, once we’re in life you should go the trip at some point, either by illness, accident, old age, finally, without remedy,-so let’s think in This-, what you need is: to live, and do it with joy, whatever they say, you face what you faced, for shady Diagnostics, there is only one solution, live each day with joy, having goals and strive to improve the quality of life! think that yes they can overcome!. Our mind plays a fundamental role in the thoughts, actions, and cures.If we think positive, will attract the best was our life. To the sick I say: be positive, cheerful and seek help in the vast worlds of the traditional and alternative medicine. To the relatives of the sick I say: give lots of love and emotional support. These councils can do much to distance ourselves from such serious diagnoses.. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out David Rogier.