Creating Spaces

One never realizes how to do things with the passing of the years. By order and practicality issues I’ve learned to not be cachivachera and delete everything that I no longer use. However, this task of elimination is not so easy and either books, shoes, DVD s, or even Plush Dolls need to create the space needed to get them out of the way. A solution that goes very well with high ceiling enhabitaciones is the construction of furniture tailored to the empty walls. In this way we will achieve effective and functional way to organize everything that does not fit in the closet or drawers of the desk. Following this trend we can then create space building shelves or by installing shelves for what we need on hand as boxes of shoes or briefcases.

The thousands of books that we own and we use very little, but when we want them it took us hours to find them, can now be always on hand in our own library that goes from floor to ceiling. It is true that we will need a ladder to reach the upper levels but it is worthwhile to use the space of This way. If you have the space and resources add Rails to the base to place a ladder which slides along the shelf. Not only will it be very practical but it will give the room a good air of organization. But not everything has to be books on these units to save articles. Some of the compartments can be used to store personal items such as creams, perfumes, cosmetics. There are market options such as small baskets of straw that will serve not only to store small things, but thanks to the variety of colours will also serve to decorate the room. It defines need to organize and choose the unit that will help you save space and keep everything in its place.