This jargon that already started to be common in our Portuguese language with certainty has, as many others, its origins in the agricultural way. Who works with cattle bovine, when separating the bezerrada one in the corral, here it is perceives that exactly of bucho full the year-old calf bawls for tetas of its mother (by the way exactly with the full milk mouth it continues to bawl), there the origin of this principle. The reading friend can be finding the heading of this strange our article, that we use to call attention a very important subject and interest of all, of all exactly, of transnational interest of the race human being. I would like to make some comments on a controversy that has that to be called to a reflection for the fact to be in approaching to 15. Conference of the Parts on Clima (COP-15) that it will be carried through in next December, in Copenhagen, in the Denmark whose the Brazilian government until the present date, not yet arquitetou its proposal of reduction of gases that generate the effect greenhouse to be presented. In studies that I come carrying through it has two years on the conflict between economic development and ambient protection, I arrived at some conclusions (many already known, but only studied inside of sciences in separated) that it would like to display, so that together, let us can arrive at a consensus. The farming activity (cattle agriculture and) is without a doubt the one that more causes impacts in the environment, what it would be against-sense to admit the opposite because the base of all the substance cousin, not only from the sector in prominence, comes directly from the natural resources or is even closely on they. Perhaps in against departure, differently of the industrial sector of transformation (with exception of the agroindstrias), the farming segment is the only one that into the bulge of its diverse areas they can transform the ambient protection in net profits, that is, the taxation of the costs for ambient preservation can be transformed into a real increase of the profitability, if to take them in account the relation to me cost/benefit for its in the wide (total extensive system), forest fires, and productive practical others are some examples of this stubbornness profligate.