The delayed implementation of the industrial polar regions so that umelevado number of residents it was kept in the agricultural zone, with low a rendamdia. In addition, the cities of average transport had not presented a ofertaatrativa of jobs. The farming activity of the Bahia presents baixaprodutividade, diversification and yield. On the question of the job, to valeressaltar that the taxes of unemployment in the RMS were of 21,6% of 24,2% in 1998 e199 and of 25,2% in 2000. Salvador, according to data of the IBGE, presents the maiselevada tax of open unemployment of Brazil. In what it refers to the infantile work, forbidden for the constitution, in the RMS em1999 had an increase of 8,8% in 1992 for 10,1%.

In addition between 1995 and 1999.Salvador one it was the metropolis that had menorprogresso in the Index of Conditions of Life. The Bahia also registered maiornmero of illiterates, the biggest number of each without water supply and decoleta of garbage, as well as the biggest amount of houses without basic sanitation emrelao to the other Brazilian states. This can be seen by means of dadosdo IBGE, which points the Bahia as the state of contingent greater of pessoasvivendo in conditions subumana between 1991 and 2000. But in 21 cities R$ 20,00 for inhabitant had presented a superior percapita collection. Moreover, only three municpiostm a participation in the superior state GIP 5% and that Salvador constitutes-seuma exception between 35% and 40% of the state GIP. The Bahia presents three grandesempecilhos to the regional development. Extreme the economic concentration nRMS is one of them, which monopolize attraction of investments directed for oestado. The regression in the development of the cacaueira region is another factor. Esteregresso must it absence of measures to be implemented modernization dacultura, in order to raise the productivity and to promote the desenvolvimentoauto-sustainable one. finally we can present chronic poverty of the regiosemi-barren one with an impediment to the bahian development.