Ahoraya kids are not like before; nor more dunces, but simplementedistintos are not more espavilados. In the presentepueden studies, stay on the floor of their parents until they are financially solvent and they can thrive as people and enjoy life before purchasing responsibilities. But the reality in which they live is, moreover, very arduous. To get a good life not just basic education or secondary education; today is ineludiblecursar College, having a postgraduate or master, being bilingual or trilingual and having computer knowledge. However, increasingly are more businesses that complain that young people possess good knowledge teoricospero have very little practice, something that does not favor the needs of employment.

Vocational training is a good alternative to learn a job, but tampocoasegura a job. Therefore, what is the path by which you must choose? There is no clear answer or none is better than another; It depends on each case and circumstances. Without However, as society, is our funcionapoyar to these young people and not to leave that they are held. In Japan, adolescents and young people aged 18 to 30 are settled in their rooms and decide to disconnect completely from society and the outside world. They are called hikikomori and some of them may develop serious depressive disorders. Here the,(que no tienen ningun tipo de ocupacion) ninis have proliferated and just want to be a few kept. But it should not be forgotten that these vague young people represent only a part of all the youth of the society, many of whom work hard to get a good job and leave the serious economic crisis plaguing us victorious. Original author and source of the article