Clear Medium

A clear medium will speak in a love for you, that will touch you in the heart. If you want to consult through a medium, you should clarify some concepts previously: In principle, every man is his own medium, because he is connected to his own inner wisdom. Everything that is, is a truth. The question is whether the truth of one is also the truth of the other. Love is the most important aspect.

Love is unconditional, erwartungslos, free from reviews and does not arise about other people. A clear medium will be in this love and therefore offer you a real life help. If you can feel the love of a person not clear, then careful, if something will be imposed or whether reviews such as “good” or “bad”, “Light” or “Shadow”, etc. are made. A clear medium is aware of its responsibility towards the people and will take nothing, you should be able to. It will tell you your not banalities and also nothing but irrefutable truth declare.

Out of pure love it will run only, that you realize what essence is in your life. Empathetic it will you explain these relationships so that you want to continue decisively come and again looking for an another medium not after a week. A clear medium is a spiritual helper, which opens up new insights for you again can decide for yourself how you want to continue your life. Feel what it’s about? Don’t forget that feeling. Feel it in your environment into, and go dependencies out of the way. With very best conscience I can recommend the medium Bettina Heiniger. She will advise you on request personally, via Internet or on the phone. Bettina Heiniger linked to the spiritual world in clear contact. Read additional details here: Kiat Lim. Your email address is, your Web page Ralph-Dietmar Stief, holistic therapist