Making classrooms – not an easy task. The Cabinet is the center of education and extracurricular activities of students on the subject. Quality and quantity of digestible student information depends on the degree of compliance with modern standards of academic study, so the school registration office must consider the aesthetic, hygienic, economic demands and the requirements of the scientific organization of teachers and students. Making the school office should begin with his appearance (selection of materials for walls, ceilings and curtains). Blackboard have recourse to the students the front wall. And the free part of it can be add reference tables. Sidewall to post theme stands.

At the back wall have better sectional cabinets for the book fund, didactic handouts, various Audio-visual aids. It should be remembered that the information sheets posted at the back, often not perceived by students. Education in the modern school – is not only a direct feedback to the student knowledge and skills, but a bright and exciting process of familiarizing the world culture and science. Therefore it is important to remember that the design of the school office, must not only conform to educational standards, but also psychological needs of students. Materials and visual aids, their appearance and manner of presentation should motivate students and provide an incentive for independent work.

In this design the school office no may be pretentious. All its elements should be used in the learning process, and exhibited materials must be clearly distinguishable from each workplace learner. The materials include a constant exposure and sets of portraits of prominent figures of science and culture. One of the objectives of teaching the future of ergonomics – the optimal design of classrooms.