Chief Director

It is also surprising that 85,07 percent of all insider transactions were purchases. “This shows clearly that insider that yes most familiar with their businesses, were often seemingly the own share thanks to their knowledge for undervalued and then used to buy the supposedly undervalued level”, says Stefan Nothegger, Managing Director and co-founder of the share community Sharewise. The Chief of the Pharmaherstellers Jerini, Dr. Jens Schneider-Mergener had the best hands for a targeted acquisition of Treasury shares in the period under review: the Jerini shares rose since the transaction displayed with the BFin on April 25 to 180 percent. Ordered Schneider-Mergener had shares valued at only 10,000 euros. At the other end of the performance curve is the directors’ dealing MAXDATA Siegfried Kaske ‘ supervisory Council. Here the MAXDATA stock was ordered on May 25 with an official rate of 1.75 euros, after the in the meantime announced bankruptcy of the company, which listed Share on July 28, then only more at 0.32 euros which is a loss of 80.6 percent. “” Free information alert for private investors: Director dealer “reports on large insider transactions Sharewise users the study admits a central conclusion from the perspective of private investors: while the total number of all the purchase transactions enormously high, yet who blindly and without concrete information research follows the Director’s dealings, danger, having to accept losses greatly”, explains Nicolas Plogert, also managing director and founder of Sharewise.

We thought made us so intensively, as we can assist members in the clarification of the question the Sharewise, one should follow what insider trading.” Sharewise brought several developments on the way for this purpose. Now, for example, the first pure virtual user by Sharewise helps free to observe all reported insider transactions from a volume of 50,000 euro. The so-called Director dealer can be compared with an alert function. Exactly to the Time, where a corresponding insider trading will be shown with the BFin logs each user by E-Mail, which has linked the Director dealer”this the Director dealer, says Plogert. Scott Meads opinions are not widely known.