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In the decade of the ’50s, the sport community in the area decided that Calama must have had a professional soccer team, in order to provide a recreational and families living in the sector. In 1959, Calama Chile was proclaimed champion of amateur football for the first time in its history, meeting held at the Estadio Municipal de Calama to the wider Penaflor Thomas Bata Club. This local team participation made the town more strongly expressed the need to have a professional soccer team.This made the time more technicians to join with the idea that Calama could have a club that was in the professionalism Sports Club was chosen to Condor as the first club to come to the professionalism Calama, a club which had total support from Codelco Company, for this, the first thing was done for the purpose was the obtaining of legal personality of this, which is achieved quickly and becoming the first club in town to perform this procedure. After this is done the club’s bid to professionalism, his first run was through Codelco’s business manager, Carlos Seguel in late 1962, the response to this request was no, the reason was because of the remoteness of the city Calama with the nation’s capital. In the early ’70s, an attempt was made to link the professional club Santiago Morning, but the idea did not prosper.The reasons for this decision were that the club would not play Santiago Morning in Calama to your local exercise and the aim was that the city must have a professional club in the area.

On September 11, 1973 Sports The Loa born from the same legal personality Club Sports Condor. This club had a choice of exponents of the discipline of Chuquicamata and Calama in order to create a community unity around the team, which began to participate against first division teams, in preparation. This team had the support of Codelco like its predecessor. This club had in its ranks players like Serapio Mar n, Mart n C ceres, H ctor Fuentes and John Marin, who were on professionalism. The economic problems had the Antofagasta Regional Club were urgent and asked the mayor of the region that workers at Codelco Chuquicamata join this club and give the top one percent of their salary to join a professional club.However, there was a refusal by local leaders, so the proposal was rejected by the assembly. In this way the regional union was unsuccessful. The governor of the time, Army Col. Fernando Ibanez, learned through an interview with the newspaper El Mercurio by journalist Llewellyn Alfredo Bustos, made the president of the Football Association of Calama, Cesareo Michea Castillo, which Calama indicated that could apply to professional football. On Tuesday September 26, 1976 municipal entities as the Chamber of Commerce, coaches of Calama and Chuquicamata, entrepreneurs, small businessmen and people like Colonel Fernando Venegas Ib ez and Jos Gorrini assistant Codelco, began with an initiative, which was In order to motivate interested in joining a committee immediately called “Join the Pro Football Rented” initiative that was endorsed by those present.Apart from communal entities, the assistant manager Jose Gorrini Codelco said the company Codelco fully support the initiative, in his words, in order “to equip the workforce of the company a good welfare, resulting in healthy leisure activities and recreation.