A few days ago has reached my email this interesting article by one of my most admired EFT Master, Dr. Pat Carrington (if still not I’ve told it only there are 29 Master of EFT – EFT masters – throughout the world). I take the liberty of adapting it but you can read the original here. In the Faculty of Medicine of the Griffith University (Queensland, Australia) Dr. Peta Stapleton has directed a study that demonstrated scientifically that the use of EFT can greatly reduce eating binges of food and cravings for certain foods. The research was conducted with ninety-six adults with overweight or obesity.

They were divided into two groups at random. Half of them were taught to use EFT and the other half, simply were not told that they continued using their usual methods to prevent anxiety about food. After a month, the second group also taught EFT. Had previously been made to 96 participants different tests to determine the intensity of your anxiety by meals that wanted, what influenced the food on them, the degree of containment each when showed them a tempting food, the symptoms of stress that caused them in their daily lives and their BMI (body mass index) after twelve months were repeated tests. First you have to tell that after the first month, the group that had learned EFT had considerably reduced their cravings per meal compared with the other group as well as an increase in control before tempting meals. In addition to both groups those who had practised the technique a year had obtained best results even a considerable reduction in their BMI. Ultimately this study goes to show that EFT not only has an immediate effect (the first month) in reducing cravings for food, but also affects long-term about healthy eating habits and a reduction in weight maintenance therefore.

** This study was conducted by Stapleton, Sheldon, Porter and Whitty, 2009-2010. Recently offered a Conference on the effects of EFT in maintaining a diet and healthy habits that lead us to reduce weight and anxiety about food. One of the attendees was pleasantly narrated that she herself had used EFT the past year to lose weight six kilos and had not returned them to recover.