Carlos Saul Menem

Later, the document is divided into three parts which I quote partially: first: during more than seven years United States is occupying the lands of Islam in the most sacred of its territories, Arabia, plundering its riches, overthrowing its rulers, humiliating its people, threatening its neighbors and using its bases in the peninsula as spearhead to fight against the Islamic nearby peoples. Second: Despite the enormous destruction inflicted on the Iraqi people at the hands of the Crusader Jews, and despite the appalling number of dead, exceeding one million, the Americans try to once more repeating this terrible massacre. () So returning now to finish with what is left of this town and humiliate their Muslim neighbors. Third: Although the purposes of Americans in these wars are religious and economic, they also serve to the State significant Jews, to divert attention from their occupation of Jerusalem and the killing of Muslims who perpetrated there. Best proof of all this there than their eagerness to destroy Iraq, the more Fort of the neighbouring Arab States, and his attempt to dismember all the States of the region, such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Sudan, whose division and weakness would ensure the survival of Israel and the perpetuation of the disastrous cross occupation of the lands of Arabia in insignificant States. The statement goes on to say that these crimes are equivalent to a clear declaration of war by the Americans against God, his Prophet and the Muslims.

Given this situation, the unanimous opinion of the ulema over the centuries is that when enemies attack the Muslim lands, Jihad becomes a personal duty of every Muslim. The last part of his statement is the most important and contains the fatwa that says: kill Americans and their allies, both civil and military, is an individual duty of every Muslim who is able, in any country where this is possible, until the al – Aqsa (in Jerusalem) mosque and the mosque of Haram (in Mecca) are released for your domain, and until their armies, defeated and unarticulated, out of all the lands of islam, incapable of threatening any Muslim. After quoting some verses from the Koran, the document continues: with the permission of God, call on every Muslim who believes in God and wait for reward to obey the command of God to kill the Americans and plunder their possessions there where you find them, and when you can. We also call the ulemas and Muslim leaders, youth and soldiers to launch attacks against the armies of the American Devils and those who are allied with them between the collaborators of Satan. Synthesizing, Jihad, or holy war, is against absolutely all those who do not practice the Muslim religion. In addition, Muslims consider any place that at some point in history was part of the Kingdom of islam belongs to them, and so something belonging to them enough that a Muslim has ruled on that site.

Under this perspective are considered owners of all the Middle East, much of Europe, especially Spain. Africa fell under his rule. America, Asia and Oceania is them. In Latin America they have control of Venezuela, Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago, and continue penetrating into Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay and Chile where their presence is becoming more noticeable.