Captain House

– Vice-King, here in the arraial? – He goes to pass the night and per the morning he follows for the capital. I go to yield my house, that is most comfortable, I only go to need some colches of straw. We need to congregate some ranchers, people important to make a homage – It will not have time for this. Retrucou Matias. – Already it informed Hieronymite? – It left yesterday to hunt not yet came back. – Entonce, we ourselves we will make the honors of the house, vosmec as Captain of Order and I eat Lieutenant of the Military service The afternoon was of intense work in Torto Stream, the inhabitants had collected the garbage of the streets and caiaram the houses.

In the house of Terncio, the women prepared the stream beds, while the men killed two sheep and a pig, and lit the oven for the baked one. When entardecer all had been congregated in the square to recepcionar the real comitiva. Finally the covered cart appeared in the curve of the road, two soldiers riding in the advantage and others two in the rear. In the bolia a page to the side of the coachman travelled. The covered cart entered for the main street, made the return and parked in square. The temporary page jumped and placed one banquinho below of the door to go down them. The first one to go down was a man of long hair wearing shirt white, rendada and dark pants threaded in the boots.

As, of beard and mustache, it used leather vest on the bluish shirt. The following passenger, a priest, dressed a red sotaina with a layer wine color on the shoulders. Finally, Dom appeared Joo of Lencastre, governor-generality, using a gibo of black velvet, white satin shirt, fabric pants the same and boots decorated with yellow income and golden buckle.